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2023 NI DPG Award Winners

Nutrition Informatics DPG Innovator Award

Mary Beth Feuling, MS, RD, CD

Mary Beth has been an innovation leader since 2012 when Children's Hospital of Wisconsin adopted EPIC as their electronic medical record system. She has worked on multiple initiatives such as creating a dynamic ambulatory nutrition referral order, designing a real time productivity tracker, and integrating a daily automated nutrition screening tool.

Notably, the screening tool enabled earlier identification of nutrition risk so that nutrition care was given to patients who needed it in a timely manner, and facilitated a faster discharge. Check out the published work 

Nutrition Informatics DPG Ambassador Award


In her role as Dietetic Internship Director, Ann developed a Nutrition Informatics Module to meet the ACEND competency for "apply current information technologies to develop, manage and disseminate nutrition information and data". The module covers topics such as Big Data and the 4 Vs (volume, variety, velocity, veracity), informatics applications in healthcare and public health, the eNCPT and ANDHII. Check out a recorded overview .