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About Nutrition Informatics Dietetic Practice Group (NI DPG)

Launched in 2019, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' newest Dietetic Practice Group enables Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to share knowledge and insight, learn cutting edge technology, implement and improve current processes,and collaborate in ways never before possible. 

Weaved into the daily tasks of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, nutrition informatics encompasses electronic health records, personal health records, patient/provider secure messaging, electronic discharge summaries/transitions of care, health information exchange, telehealth, and more. Nutrition informatics streamlines nutrition documentation, fosters interdisciplinary care, and allows patients to be an active participants in their care.

"I'm super excited about this new DPG because it will be a great way for Academy members to communicate with each other about informatics best practices. It will be so cool!"- Ben Atkinson, MS, RDN, CD

“Nutrition informatics is important in all areas of dietetic practice, encompassing topics from Electronic Health Record standards and nutrition management software to telemedicine and social media. I’m excited to participate in the Nutrition Informatics DPG, which will provide leadership and networking opportunities with nutrition professionals who have an informatics focus practicing in variety of traditional and non-traditional roles.”- Sue Evanchak, RD, LDN


Empowering members to adopt and embrace informatics, communications, and technology skills to improve patient care and enhance professional practice.


Optimizing nutrition practice using informatics skills.

Member Benefits

  • Nutrition Informatics website helps foster a collaborative community and resource sharing.
  • A connected, collaborative community will enhance opportunities for expanded FNCE® networking events, year-round communication and a searchable member directory to identify fellow members.
  • Access leadership, education and professional development opportunities through CPEU webinar trainings, educational toolkits and scholarships for lifelong learning.
  • This is a voice that advocates for nutrition informatics issues and relevant topics, serving as a direct resource to the Academy Diversity Committee and internal teams.
  • Receive all-member communications via electronic newsletter, social media and the website.
  • Access to leadership and awards opportunities.


  • Prepare RDNs and NDTRs to use electronic information systems and tools in their practice.
  • Promote informatics competencies for practitioners and incorporate in dietetics education.
  • Help spread awareness about informatics among RDNs and NDTRs.
  • Provide members an informatics resource library.
  • Support nutrition interoperability across care settings.
  • Offer a platform for members to network, communicate and mentor among nutrition experts within informatics.
  • Recognize Academy members who are leaders in informatics.
  • Drive career growth in nutrition informatics.
  • Support appreciation for nutrition inclusion in health IT outside of the Academy member community.


Goal 1: Build competence in informatics knowledge, informatics skills and computer skills for efficient, quality nutrition practice across all member practice settings.

Goal 2: Collaborate with internal and external informatics experts to increase nutrition informatics awareness.

Goal 3: Provide a forum and networking platform for members to share skills and experiences with other members interested in informatics.

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